Our commitment to La Gomera


At GOMERAGUIDE we consider that the island of La Gomera is a treasure, a very special and unique place in the world that deserves to be cared for and preserved. That is why we care about the well-being of the island, its natural and cultural resources and, of course, its people.


We are committed to maintaining the quality of the environment and that our visitors travel in a respectful and responsible manner. For this reason, we strive to offer products and services that are planned and managed in a way that does not cause environmental damage or socio-cultural problems. On the contrary, in the development of our activities we take care of nature and the environment at all times, respecting and integrating the local population.



We try to contract local suppliers and network with other companies that share our philosophy.



We also want our clients to commit to acting in a respectful way, integrating with the communities they visit and wishing to promote local development, showing interest in interacting with the “real life” of the island.



Our objective is to continually deepen our responsibility as a sustainable tourism company. For this reason, GOMERAGUIDE is adhered to the Charter of Sustainable Tourism (CETS) and we are committed to following the guidelines and philosophy of the Charter:



Among our commitments as a CETS company we highlight:

We actively participate in the control campaigns of invasive plants, especially the pennisetum cetaceaum and also in the board of the Environmental Association “Matorrisco”.

We carry out activities with the local population exercising monitor tasks for the hiking tours organized by the Walking Club “La Taparucha”.

We collaborate closely with the Garajonay National Park offering discounts to tourists who have participated in activities with the LIFE/Garajonay Vive project (among other collaborations).