1. I am aware that the activity for which I am registering involves a certain risk due to its nature and and for being carried out in a natural environment.

    Adequate equipment is essential for participation in our hikes. For this reason we ask you to wear sturdy shoes (preferably hiking boots) as well as comfortable and weatherproof clothing (sun protection, wind protection, rain protection) and to bring enough water and some food. (We reserve the right to exclude guests from the hike who are not equipped accordingly.)

    2. I declare that I am in good health suitable for the practice of the activity and I am not under the influence of any relaxing, exciting or any other substance that may jeopardize the normal course of the activity.

    If you have any health problems (allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart problems) we would ask you to tell your guide right at the beginning of the tour. Please make sure that you always carry a complete daily dose of your medication with you.

    3. I also declare to behave respectful and environmentally friendly during the execution of the activity and I agree to follow all instructions of the guide.

    GOMERAGUIDE is a member of a sustainable tourism association. Our aim is to organize our hikes and excursions in a sustainable way and not pollute the environment. Therefore, we ask you not to leave any garbage or cigarette butts on the way and take everything back. At the end of the tour there is the possibility to dispose of the garbage separately in San Sebastián.

    4. I declare that I know and I voluntarily assume the risk of contagion of COVID-19 that may involve carrying out any group activity.

    The undersigned formally declares to accept this document.

    Please take notice of our Terms and Conditions.