Walking on La Gomera …

CercadoGruppe LRemote mountain villages, narrow trails with incredible views, romantic strolls through palm groves… All this makes the hiking experience on La Gomera unique. You can gaze over almost-vertical cliffs, enjoy the rugged landscape with its steep valleys, climb rocky crags and visit the holy sites of the original inhabitants. Immerse yourself in the Canarian laurel forest, soak up its magic atmosphere and watch as the swathes of mist blown by the Trade Winds envelope the primeval trees.

… the whole year long …

TargaGruppe LIn springtime carpets of wild flowers, sometimes waist-high, cover the hillsides. Summer is the time for culture with its wealth of local fiestas. Autumn brings fresh figs, almonds and sweet chestnuts. Then, in winter, streams and waterfalls tumble down green slopes and terraces. At any season of the year the temperature is ideal for enjoying the natural wonders of La Gomera.

… step by step …

PlayaTrigoGruppe LDiscover La Gomera step by step on guided walks or at your own pace. There are still trails where you will seldom meet other hikers, far away from tourist areas. In those remote spots you can gaze at the peaceful scenery and absorb with all your senses the marvels of nature.

… a real experience.

VGRGruppe LJoin me and I will show you the incredible versatility of this amazing island. I have lived on  La Gomera since summer 2000 and have hiked not only the well-trodden paths but also the less well-known ones. All of them have their own distinctive character. You will discover the cultural and historical heritage of the island, its origins and its unique ecosystems of fascinating flora and fauna. I will tell you the customs of the ancient Gomerans and their hard traditional lifestyle based on agriculture and livestock-keeping. You will also hear about the production of such typical local food products as almogrote cheese paste and palm honey, traditional delicacies which can be tried during a short break at one of the family-run local bars or restaurants.